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Selected articles of all aspects of our work, mostly in open source projects, usually quite technical.

Using OpenBSD's chrooted httpd

Gespeichert von Marc Balmer am Sa., 12/22/2007 - 11:52

Copyright © 2003-2008 by Marc Balmer. All rights reserved. OpenBSD some time ago changed the mode of operation for the Apache webserver from the normal non-chrooted operation to chrooted operation. This enhances the security of the server on which Apache is run but it imposes a few challenges to the system administrator. In this article I will discuss selected aspects of running a chrooted HTTP daemon and present strategies on how to set up a chrooted environment for more complex applications like database access or using CGI-scripts. (First published on April 6, 2003, revised on March 20, 2004, converted to HTML for online publishing on December 21, 2007.)

The Java Framework for CGI

Gespeichert von Marc Balmer am Mo., 01/01/1996 - 01:00

(This document describes version 1.01 of the framework) Copyright © 1996 by Marc Balmer, CH-4055 Basel, Switzerland. Internet applications written in the Java programming language are mostly designed as applets that run in a Java enabled browser like Netscape. There are, however, still many web-browser around that don't support Java. These need to use CGI (Common Gateway Interface) to access interactive pages on the web. Although CGI programs traditionally were realized using a scripting language like Perl or even the Bourne shell, nothing speaks against using Java to write CGI program.